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Personalized treatments by Benjamin Jarrett

American-style massage, myofascial release, and somatic education, in the heart of Wiesbaden.

We all have different needs, at different stages of our lives, and I employ a wide variety of strategies and techniques to meet those needs.



As of April 2nd, 2022...

In most places, there is no longer any mask mandate; however, it's still required to wear masks on public transportation, and at medical practices, clinics and hospitals. In light of this, I've decided to continue to require my clients to wear an FFP2 mask* during the session. 

Thank you for your understanding.


Benjamin Jarrett

* Surgical masks and cloth masks have been proven worthless in the prevention of the spread of the virus. The special construction of FFP2 & N95 masks enables them to capture the virus, while still allowing you to breathe normally. Here's a video to understand why these masks work:  How does an FFP2 Mask work?

(hint: it's not as simple as mesh size)

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