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“Ben is one of the most attentive and responsive therapists that I know.   He has deep knowledge of his craft and takes a holistic approach to his work that permanently resolves longstanding issues.  I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from nagging pain or simply wishes a relaxing massage.”

Mark A. Beatty - Director of UNICEF Global Shared Services Centre (GSSC) in Budapest

“I came to Ben with a chronic condition - Achilles tendinopathy - that I’d failed to address for *way* too long. I am quite astonished at how much progress has been made in a remarkably short period through localised stretching/fascia manipulation. Ben’s hugely knowledgable - and it shows.”

Áine Duffy - Director of communications at the Central European University (CEU)

"Ben is an amazing body movement and massage therapist. If you are not booking with him and you're in the Wiesbaden area you're missing out.  The relief brought on after the relaxation massage is a must in uncertain COVID times. I am over the moon to get my weekly relaxation massage started again!  Professional, knowledgeable, kind, along with reasonable pricing. A Wiesbaden gem for sure!"

Colleen Cunningham - Wiesbaden

“This man was born to give massages. True talent combined with tons of experience and knowledge. If you’re looking for a solid professional, sensitive yet powerful massage look no further! Thank you Ben.”

Jan Fritz Oscar - Berlin

“Ben’s technique is an organic, manual approach that he's developed himself – he is capable of ‘reading’ from the body. He combines his professional knowledge with his very precise intuition, therefore not only can his treatment help to heal physical pain, but he can also lift up the patient to a floating state, in which the physical and mental senses can be connected in harmony.  

I am happy to recommend Ben without any personal interest, as he is one of the best manual therapists I have ever met.”

Pál Frenák - Director, choreographer, dancer, artist  :::  Compagnie Pal Frenak

“Ben is hands down the best massage therapist I've ever had the fortune to experience. After every session I feel whole, grounded, aware, and lucky! Before the massage starts, Ben is kind and receptive as he asks about me and the state of my body. During the massage he is precise, thorough, and has an uncanny ability to find tensions and stresses that need release. Highly recommend, you will be amazed!”

Mateo Lugo - Guitarist. Oakland, California

“I had an amazing, healing, transformative massage experience with Ben, can highly recommend!”

Kristof Deák - Oscar award-winning film director

“I had a fantastic massage with Ben. He really listens to your needs and to your body, knows so much and has fantastic hands. I can only recommend.”

Nina Kov - Choreographer, dancer and researcher based in London

I really enjoy the calm energy of Ben and his practice space. and I feel so good after his treatment, like all my joints are relaxed and oiled.

I appreciate how carefully he listens to me and to my body's needs.

I will be there regularly!

Jenny Byrum - Wiesbaden

"“Ben does a really wonderful job. He listens to what is bothering you and he is trying to find the best way to relieve your pain.  I suffered with numbness in both arms, not being able to sleep at night. I experienced improvements already after my first visit.  I highly recommend him. A real pro who cares about his clients.”

Andrea Lang - Budapest realtor

“Thank You, Ben! Amazing massage...feel better, slept better, and I did not wake up the next day sore but energized!  100% recommend your service! See you soon!”

Nancy Paredes - Budapest

“Ben-t már elég régóta ismerem, és rendszeresen járok hozzá masszázsra. Nagyon jól érti és ismeri a test anatómiáját és működését. Ez gondolom, abból is fakad, hogy nem csak masszázsképzést végzett, de táncosként is igen sokrétű gyakorlati ismeretet szerzett az izmok működéséről, valamint a különböző sportsérülésekről. Fókuszáltan és nagyon odaadóan végzi a munkáját, barátságos, nyitott, érzékeny, jó kedélyű ember. Én bárkinek ajánlanám, aki szeretne jobb állapotba kerülni a testében, jobb közérzetre vágyik. Én idáig mindig sokkal könnyebb testérzettel és egyfajta elemelt állapotban távoztam egy-egy alkalom után. Szerintem ez mindenkinek kijárna, ráadásul igen korrekt árakkal dolgozik, így csak ajánlani tudom őt.”

Fülöp László - Choreographer and dancer - Budapest/Norway

“It matters to feel secure during a massage. In the honest and caring atmosphere that Ben creates, I always feel safe, getting far away from any stress or tension. A true relaxation for the mind and the body that I need for coping with life’s challenges.”

Peter Marton - Publishing director at Bozóthegyi Kiadó

“There is a lot of massage in Budapest, but I hadn't encountered what I consider to be really deeply healing, intuitive, and therapeutic massage until I found Ben. I went to him for lymphatic drainage massage, and what I received was a deeply tuned-in massage that was exactly what I needed. Will definitely be back and will recommend Ben to my friends here in Budapest.”

Erika Logie - Co-Founder and Creative Director at NuMundo, Budapest

“I had a session with Ben when I was in Budapest and it was the best massage I've ever had. I had pain in my neck and I felt so much better after. He helped me better understand where the pain is coming from and even recommended small exercises I can do on my own. Recommended!”

Leila Younes - Beirut, Lebanon

“Ben helped me a lot with my issues of herniated discs. He served me first with massage, and after when figured out the problematic sides, he with all the attention and personal approach showed me the exercises which I have been doing at home everyday since then to relieve my low back muscles and improve the situation.”

Irina Redkina - Budapest

“Very relaxing, cool, special massage, I enjoyed a lot. Ben is polite and pays attention. I can only recommend him.”

Szilvia Bajnok-Túróczki - Frankfurt am Main

"I always feel totally refreshed after Ben's therapy. He is very kind and pays a lot of attention to your special problems. Strongly recommended!”

Hagymási Gergely - Senior Economist at Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation

“Ben is a wonderful body worker; he's sensitive and intuitive and has a deep knowledge of the body and how it functions. I left my session feeling loose and relaxed. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone!”

Lori Elisabeth - Curator, teacher and performance artist, Berlin

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