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45 minutes = €70
60 minutes = €85
75 minutes = €105
90 minutes = €120
105 minutes = €135
120 minutes = €150

Rather than choose a modality based on your budget, we find whatever modality of mixture of strategies to satisfy your needs as closely as possible.

* Rates are updating in September. See home page for details.

The 3-Series  =  €360

Anatomy Trains' elegant three-session series (each about 90 minutes).

Going far beyond simple 'structure', this work includes also the complexity of your own body/mind awareness.

  • Price consists of three meetings, totaling about 4.5 hours of concentrated time:

    • Three 90-minute sessions  =  €100 each​

30-Minute Session = €50
60-Minute Session = €85

If you're unable to come in to see me (especially in these post-Corona times), or if you live too far away, but you value my perspective, this can be a perfect solution.

In-person group classes at Tanzraum Mainz (2 hours)  =  €29
One-on-one facilitation (2 hours)  =  €150

Ultimately, it's in relationship to our own bodies, our environment, and our communities, that we live our lives; through our sensing bodies.  These classes provide a space for exploring the endless possibilities your body has to offer.

- One-on-one sessions are held at my praxis in Wiesbaden.

- For my classes at Tanzraum Mainz in Mainz, registration and prior payment rate are both required*.  Please visit their website at the following link:

* Note that even though the description is in German, the workshop is of course held in English.  The organizers speak beautiful English, so don’t fret about writing to them in English.

85€ per working hour (two-hour minimum)

Sample schedule:
- Four, 10-minute sessions per hour ...
(10-minute sessions with 5-minute transition times, creating 15-minute intervals)


Students with I.D., soldiers, social workers, and anyone who hasn't been blessed with a high-paying job (just ask).

see ** NOTA below

* Cancelation policy:

I understand that life presents changes that are not always expected, therefore I am extremely flexible with moving appointments around, but in the case of a no-show or cancelation less than 24 hours before the scheduled session, I will need to ask for the full amount of the service.

** NOTA (no one turned away for lack of funds)  My regular rates allow me to offer reduced rates to folks in need.  Please discuss your situation with me if you need treatment, but cannot afford to pay.  I love my work and am happy to offer reduced rates to those in need when possible.  If you are able to pay in full, thanks for your part in supporting folks who cannot!

Rates: Rates
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