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Letter to a client, #1

I send ever one of my client a little thank you note after each session, and sometimes I share a bit of what people interpret as magic, but which - in my opinion - is actually pretty simple. These are actual letters I've written (leaving out people's names obviously).

This is the first in what I intend to be a long series. Enjoy.

Dear Client,

Thank you so much for your visit today.

You said that you don't know what I did to make your arm and neck feel better... I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: I'm simply giving your arm and neck an experience of weightlessness, safety and pleasure. This is often enough to help a person's little alarm system to calm down, experience pleasure, and give the body proof that it is indeed possible to have pain-free movement.

I hope this helps for when you aren't able to see someone like me; just explore your own body, in whatever position you need, and explore movement with intention being pleasure, as opposed to not-painful. The first is all about feeling good and seeking that which feels good. The other is about avoiding pain, which just puts the whole system on a higher alert.

Have a wonderful day.

All the best,


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