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Who are you, as expressed by your spine?

Are you aware of your connection to the ground?

At Wellness in Practice, we work together to support your own process of inquiry, to go beyond biomechanics, and into posture as an expression of HOW you feel in relation to your environment.

In this short photo collage, you can see the organization of her spine as she rolls up from a fully flexed position towards an upright one. Even a simple movement like this (perhaps especially because it's simple) can be hugely instrumental in regaining and/or deepening one's own connection to their spine to the ground via the organization of the entire mind-body:

  • from the attention of the mind,

  • to the sensitivity of the feet and ankles,

  • on up the legs,

  • into the pelvis,

  • and incrementally up the spine,

  • floating each vertebra above the other into the place where they feel the most lifted, supple, supported, and true,

  • and on into the neck and head.

This is just one tiny element of what we might do in a Somatic Bodywork session.

Please contact me directly for a session.

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